Board Members

The Southern Gulf Island libraries represent five independently run library facilities on Pender, Mayne, Galiano, Saturna, and Piers islands. Each library has a governing Board which sets governance and operational policies.

The five libraries come together under the umbrella of the Pender Island Public Library Association to obtain funding from the Capital Regional District (CRD), Victoria BC, and the Libraries Branch, BC Ministry of Education.

Pender Island Library Trustees

  • Chairperson: Patrick Brown
  • Vice-chairperson: Penny Finkbeiner
  • Treasurer: Judy Pullen
  • Secretary: Lyn Greenhill
  • Trustee: Lynda Challis
  • Trustee: Therese Williams
  • Trustee: Inez Smith
  • Trustee: Kelly Irving
  • Trustee: Dianne Wilson
  • Past-Chair: Heather Rumble

Mayne Island Community Library Board Members

(Mayne Reading Centre Society)
  • Chairperson: Neil Howard
  • Vice-Chair:  Trish Janvrin
  • Treasurer:  Mary Sheldrake
  • Secretary:  Bob Bruce
  • Member-at-Large: Sheila Dunnachie
  • Member-at-Large: Judi Walker
  • Member-as-Large: Mairi Munro-Kerr

Galiano Island Community Library Board Members

(Galiano Library Society)
  • Chairperson: Virginia Monk
  • Vice Chairperson: Kris Dartnell
  • Secretary: Sher O’Hara
  • Treasurer: Liz Olson
  • Director: John Coulthard
  • Director: Helen Crandall
  • Director: Pauline Maitland
  • Director: John McFetrick
  • Director: Vince Schmidt
  • Director: Lori Seay
  • Director: Ross Tweedale

Saturna Island Community Library Board members

(Eddie Reid Memorial Library Society)
  • Chairperson: Nancy Phillips
  • Treasurer: Kate Vigneault
  • Director: Ellen McGinn
  • Director:Ilka Olsen
  • Director:Gitte Nelson
  • Director:Donna Digance

Piers Island Community Library governing members

(Piers Island Association)
  • Nancy Troger
  • Jacquie Troger
  • Pattti Locke-Lewkowich
  • Wende Smart

Southern Gulf Islands Library Commission members

The five libraries, along with the CRD Director for the Southern Gulf Islands, make up the CRD’s Southern Gulf Islands Library Commission. This group focuses on providing common library services that benefit island residents, as well as sharing interests and goals.

Current Commissioners