Double Art Attraction – Galiano Is. Library

Updated 2017/09/11

2017/09/06 – 2017/10/27 all-day
#2 – 1290 Sturdies Bay Road, Galiano Island, BC

DOUBLE ART ATTRACTION: Sept. 6 through Oct. 27, 2017.

The Galiano Library will have on display works of two artists in the Catherine Holahan Meeting Room:

Artists: Alicia Maday and Barbara Wilson.

Stop in, Enjoy.

Alicia Maday: Artist’s Statement

Hello! I’m Alicia Maday and I’ve been working with ‘encaustic painting’ since 2011. For me, ‘encaustic painting’ is the sum of many mediums, and I enjoy it because it enlarges my artistic scope of creativity and expression. Does my art challenge your imagination?

Biography: Alicia grew up in Chile and attended the University of Fine Arts in Santiago. In 1968 she moved to Canada, continuing her art studies at Vancouver Art School, graduating in Graphic Arts.”

Barbara Wilson: COMING FROM NOWHERE: Thoughts Beyond Reality

“As a young woman in the mid 1950s, Barbara Wilson studied painting under Harry Wohlfarth at the Banff School of Fine Arts, where she was introduced to both abstract and realistic art. Since that time her painting has alternated between the two. Her work is influenced by academic training in physics, math and architecture as much as by her passion for dance and new classical music. She favours high-velocity line that sometimes tapers to the thin, dry-brush finish seen in cursive Oriental calligraphy.

Coming from Nowhere is not a retrospective, but an opportunity to see Wilson’s current work set against the backdrop of a small selection of her past work. …”

SPECIAL NOTE: Thursday September the 14th, Barbara will welcome guests in the library between noon and 4pm for informal conversation. She hopes to see you there!