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Southern Gulf Islands Community Libraries

Pender, Mayne, Galiano, Saturna, Piers

Privacy Policy

The Southern Gulf Islands libraries respects the right of individuals to the protection of their personal information. Accordingly, our libraries comply with the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) and the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

As such, libraries are responsible for protecting personal information in accordance with the provisions of FIOPPA. Any personal information collected, used or disclosed by the Library is in accordance with FIOPPA.

Protected Information includes the following:

  • Personal information such as address, telephone numbers, and email addresses of patrons and volunteers.
  • Whether an individual is a registered user of the library
  • Borrowing history or preferences
  • Applications for and records of employment
  • Donations, amounts, or history
  • Details of contracts with service providers

Information about patrons and/or volunteers remains confidential and cannot be released to a third party without the consent of the person involved.

The library needs to collect personal information in order to:

  • Issue and renew library memberships / cards
  • Identify materials currently on loan
  • Request and track Inter-Library loans
  • Identify and record overdue materials
  • Renew materials over the phone
  • Place and track materials on reserve
  • Collect fines
  • Make computer reservations and track computer usage
  • Record suggestions and complaints
  • Issue income tax receipts
  • Communicate information and minutes of meetings to volunteers
  • Schedule librarian shifts
  • Pay contractors
  • Respond to complaints

The library will only use personal information for the purposes for which it was originally collected or in manner that is consistent with those purposes.


  • A patron’s signature on the application for membership at the time of registration establishes consent for the collection and use of personal information. A minor’s consent is obtained through the signature of a parent/guardian.
  • Volunteers are deemed to have given consent to share certain information:
  • Between library volunteers to ensure the operational requirements of the library, such as telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • Personal information such as areas of expertise, relevant interests and willingness to participate in team and/or committee work may be shared with Board Trustees and Team Leaders as needed to fill vacancies on the Board or Teams.
  • If a patron asks another individual to take out library materials on their behalf, written consent is required. The information is then entered as a Blocking Message in Patron Status and consent is filed in the office filing cabinet under Patron Consent.
  • If a volunteer or employee requests a reference, the individual receiving the request may release information as specified.

The Library uses reasonable security measures to protect against risks such as unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, or disposal of personal information.


  • If a patron wishes to see their own records, presentation of their library card or photo ID is required unless the staff or library volunteer knows the individual.
  • If a staff or library volunteer are allowing a patron to view their records on screen, they must ensure that the records are not visible to other patrons.
  • Patrons may renew materials or make a reserve request over the telephone.

Third Party and/or RCMP Requests

  • Requests by any agency including the RCMP for information are referred to the Board Chair who functions as the FIO Privacy Officer.

Disposal of Personal Information

  • Documents which contain personal information are to be shredded rather than recycled or thrown in the garbage. Examples which are to be shredded include, but are not limited to, patron membership and volunteer applications, ILL request and tracking forms, reserve forms, volunteer telephone lists and expired contracts.

Please contact your library for further inquiries on the privacy policy.