Borrow from Other Libraries

There may be times when you want to borrow from other BC Libraries.

Visiting Other BC Libraries

Don’t leave home without your library card – you can use it to borrow from any public library in BC. For more information, check our BC OneCard page (note that borrowing policies vary between various libraries).

Requesting Books to be Delivered to Your Home Library

If you weren’t able to find the item you wanted in your home library, try finding it elsewhere in BC using Outlook Online, an online catalogue for all BC libraries.  If you find the item in Outlook Online, you can request it directly by completing the online form, or come in to the library for assistance. The item will be delivered to your home library for pick up. Inter-Library Loan books can be borrowed for 21 days only and are not renewable. Some libraries may also loan DVDs and audiobooks (CDs).  Note, you cannot request new books published within the last 12 months. This provincially funded Inter-Library Loan program (ILL) is generally free of charge, with the exception of some academic materials. 

If you prefer to complete ILL forms in person, come to the Library during regular open hours, or download and complete the  ILL request form here, and bring it to your library.

Saturna Island patrons: please contact Donna at 250-539-5577 to request an ILL book.

Piers Island patrons: an Inter-Library Loan service is not available at the Piers Is. Library.