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Parent & Guardian Responsibilities

The library welcomes families and children to come in and explore our collections of youth books. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for supervising their children while in the library. The library is a public place and young children should not be left unattended.

Children 8 yrs and younger

Children under nine must be accompanied at all times and not be left unattended in the children’s section. During Storytime sessions, parents should not leave the library premises.

Children 9 yrs and up

Older children may come into the library independently, but parents or guardians are still responsible for their actions. They should not be left unattended for substantial periods of time. If library volunteers notice that children are left for extended periods or are disruptive, efforts to contact the parents or guardians will be made.

Unattended children at closing time

If a child is unattended when the library closes, library volunteers will try contact the parents, guardians, or extended family members. If unsuccessful, we will contact local police to take responsibility for the child.